Updating the Mass Save Incentive Program

The state's Mass Save program offers incentives for Passive House projects. This program is currently undergoing its regular planning cycle for the next iteration. For details on the currently available incentives through this program go here.


The Mass Save incentive program comes from plans developed by the EEAC (MA Energy Efficiency Advisory Council) and approved by the Dept. of Public Utilities. Plans are developed in three-year cycles – with the current incentives being part of the 2019-2021 period and the ongoing planning cycle being for the 2022-2024 period.

Previously, PHMass, along with other groups, recommend the EEAC include incentives for Passive House in their plan. This was approved for the 2019-2022 period. We are now engaged in the process of recommending updates to these incentives for the next three-year period.

2022-2024 Planning Process

  • Nov, 2020: Start of planning meetings and public comments
  • April, 2021: Draft Plan released
  • October, 2021: Final draft released
  • Nov/Dec, 2021: Review & approval from DPU
  • Jan, 2022: New plan takes effect

See: https://ma-eeac.org/planning-resources/

How to submit a Public Comment: https://ma-eeac.org/public-comment/


Letter in support of current incentive program

Letter in support of current training program

Letter recommending 1-4 unit incentive program

Letter recommending retrofit program