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Passive as the Platform: Getting to Net-Zero



Incentives now available for 5+ unit buildings and Passive House Feasibility Studies and energy modelling.


Construction Workshop

"Hands-on" training for all members of a project team

Upcoming Passive House Certification Courses

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PHI Certified Passive House Designer
Mar 24-Apr 2nd
On-Demand (new)
PHI Certified Passive House Tradesperson
April 1st start
PHIUS Certified Passive House Consultant
March 1st-12th
April 12th-23rd
PHIUS Certified Passive House Builder
April 6th-16th
PHIUS+ Rater/Verifier
March 22nd start(Rater)
April 5th start (Verifier)

Recorded Presentations and Workshops

Factoring in Electrification

Policy Onramps: Using Passive House to Drive Decarbonization

Whole Building Air Tightness Testing

Passive House: The Path to (PHIUS) Certification

Ventilation System Design for Large Passive Buildings

Passive as the Platform Net-Zero & Healthy Buildings Roundtable

Passive House Incentives, Policy, and Code Changes in Mass

Pattern Language from Passive House

Humidity & Moisture Control in Multifamily Passive Houses

Heat Pump Best & Worst Practices


Due to the coronavirus/COIVID-19 outbreak, all PHMass events have been moved online or postponed. Please see calander listings for details. Stay safe & healthy and we look forward to seeing you at future events. 
Go here for COVID-19 resources for the building industry from the Boston Society of Architects

Featured Trainings

Next Generation HVAC Solutions: Hybrid VRF Design and Water Loops

From minimizing refrigerant to integrating water loops, the next-generation of HVAC solutions for larger buildings is now here. Our September meeting featured a presentation and discussion on advancements in refrigerant-to-water products in the next generation of VRF equipment and how Mitsubishi's HEX coils can bring a building’s water loop infrastructure onto the VRF platform
Julie Klump, VP of Design and Building Performance at Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH)
Michael Ragan, Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC engineer and VRF specialist

Internal & Solar Heat Gain in Multifamily: Passive House Solutions

For our July Virtual Meeting we welcomed special guest Dylan Martello (Senior Building Systems Consultant, CPHD, Steven Winter Associates) for a presentation on Internal & Solar Heat Gain in Multifamily Buildings: Passive House Solutions. Watch now with Q&A sections included.

Case Studies: Harbor Village & Finch Cambridge

Michelle Apigian, CPHC, ICON Architecture, joins us to discuss her latest Passive House project, Harbor Village in Gloucester, as well as lessons learned from the nearly-complete Finch Cambridge affordable housing building.

Case-Study: Front Flats Philadelphia

Tim McDonald, CPHC & Principle of Onion Flats, joins us via Zoom to discuss his latest large Passive House project, Front Flats.

For more info on this amazing project, pease refer to the this article.

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