Certification and performance incentives are available to assist builders and developers in achieving Passive House certification certification through either PHIUS or PHI standards as well as to those that pre-certify and build to similar high-efficiency levels. Additional funds are available for feasibility studies of projects and for energy modeling services.

Update: As of February, 2020, this program has been updated to include all multifamily buildings with five or more units.

For information on program application and qualification details, visit the Mass Save website or email multifhr@icf.com

March, 2022, Update: Mass Save has launched a new program for 1-4 unit buildings. Please see more info here.

Passive House Professional Certification Courses

Massachusetts residents and workers may earn a 50% reimbursement on registration costs from Mass Save for PHIUS and PHI certification courses.

Please complete this form to begin the process and confirm eligibility.

PHN On-Demand Passive House Designer/ Consultant Training
On-Demand - Register Here!

PHN Self- Paced Certified Passive House Tradesperson Training
On-Demand - Register Here!

PHIUS Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC)Training
Aug 15-26 Online - Register Here!

PHIUS Certified Passive House Builders Training
Aug 15-26 Online - Register Here!

Mass Save Passive House Online Learning Center
Now featuring recorded trainings including the Passive House Affordable Design Workshop.

Passive House Incentive & Feasibility Study Overview and Case-Studies

Representatives and participants of the Mass Save Passive House Incentive Program discuss in detail the process of going through the program, including conducting Feasibility Studies, Charrettes, and Energy Modeling, as well as the certification and approval process and incentive payment and net performance bonus calculations.

Luke McKneally, ICF
Kristen Simmons, ICF
Lauren Baumann, New Ecology
Ashley Wisse, New Ecology
Ian Johnson, Linnean Solutions

Passive House Workshops

Heat Pump Best and Worst Practices in Retrofits, New Code Buildings and Passive House Buildings
Recording now available

Mistakes for Multifamily Passive House Designers, Developers and Builders
June 16 | 12:00 - 1:00pm | Online

Please email PassiveHouseTrainingMA@icf.com for training or reimbursement related questions.