Energy-saving Quincy home costs $215 a year to heat, cool.

Design New England profiles a Passive House in Quincy designed by GO Logic, noting that it’s “ cool [on a warm summer day], comfortable, moderately priced, cheap to operate, and good for the environment” and that “the only other warmth comes from, remarkably, body heat, electric towel warmers and radiant floors in the bathrooms, waste … Continued

Ultra-Efficient, Economical Apartments Now In South Boston Are Part Of ‘Big Wave’

By Fred Bever, Maine Public You may have heard about passive housing: residences built to achieve ultra-low energy use. Imported from Germany, it’s been kind of a boutique-y thing here until recently, with eco-minded homeowners making costly upfront investments to downsize their carbon footprints. But now, New England is joining a surge in large-scale passive … Continued