Location: Wayland, MA
Size: 4,500 sf
Completed: 2017
Architect / Designer: Donald Gross
Builder: Nick Falkoff, Auburndale Builders
CPHC: Michael Hindle
Rater: Michael Duclos
Mechanical Systems Designer: Marc Rosenbaum

The Wayland House is heated and cooled by the equivalent of a single burner on a stove. The three-bedroom, 3.5-bath home is an example of how Passive construction can be customized to fit any project size and scope. The existing home on the construction site was completely deconstructed piece by piece and recycled.

This passive home was built from the ground up, and includes dozens of custom features:

  • open concept layout
  • vaulted ceilings
  • oversized windows
  • seamless door frames.

The home was also designed with features to support the homeowners as they age-in-place:

  • curb-less showers
  • American Disabilities Act (ADA) low threshold doors
  • easy to use tilt-turn windows