Location: Falmouth, MA
Size: 2400 sq ft
Architect / Designer: Steve Baczek
CPHC: Daniel Roy
Builder: Dunhill Companies
Photographer: Dan Cutrona
PHIUS+ Rater: JSR Adaptive Energy Solutions

This is the third house in Massachusetts to achieve PHIUS+ Passive House Certification and the second one in Falmouth. The home is owned by the CPHC and his wife, and it has a living area of 2,400 ft2. In addition to the Passive House construction, some of the added energy saving features of the house include an external motorized solar shade, a geothermal ground loop for ventilation air preheat/precool, and an 8.7 KW solar PV system sized for the all electric house load plus an electric car. Along with the PHIUS+ certification, the house is certified as EPA WaterSense, DOE Challenge Home, and has a HERS Rating of minus 7.