Passive House Verification: What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Passive House

This presentation focuses on the technical requirements of PHIUS verification for both single family and multifamily dwellings. By gaining a basic understanding of these requirements and additional certifications, Designers can position their projects for a higher degree of success within the Passive House system. Presented Angela Iraldi, CPHC, PHIUS+Verifier, Project Manager, Re:Vision Architecture Nick Semon, PHIUS+Verifier, Senior Project Manager, Testing Specialist, Re:Vision Architecture
Video and slides available here.

PHMass May 2020 Meeting – Harbor Village

Michelle Apigian, CPHC, ICON Architecture, joins us to discuss her latest Passive House project, Harbor Village in Gloucester, as well as lessons learned from the nearly-complete Finch Cambridge affordable housing building.

PHMass April 2020 Meeting – Front Flats

Tim McDonald, CPHC & Principle of Onion Flats, joins us via Zoom to discuss his latest large Passive House project, Front Flats.

For more info on this amazing project, pease refer to the this article.

Workshop: Lessons Learned from the First Generation of MultiFamily Projects

While multifamily Passive House projects are just getting off the ground here in Massachusetts, in other parts of the US and Canada they have been in existence for many years. This workshop from explores lessons learned from many of these groundbreaking projects.

Dan Whitmore, CPHC, PHIUS Certified Builder training instructor
Monte Paulsen, CPHC, PHI Building Certifier

Passive House Builders Workshop: Martha’s Vineyard

This workshop produced for the Martha's Vineyard Builders Association and the Island Housing Trust features Passive House Builder Mike Dutra discussing the ins and outs of constructing homes and buildings to the Passive House standard.

Cost-Estimating for Passive House

Recorded at our January member meeting, this presentation features Ken Neuhauser and Wes Stanhope of Building Evolution Corporation, Ed Sople of Dellbrook JKS, and Julie Klump of POAH, discussing their approach to estimating costs on a large Passive House project.

Innovations in Low Carbon Materials

This December we welcomed a collection of speakers presenting on Innovations in Low-Carbon Materials. Featuring:
Tom Chase, from New Ecology, providing an overview of embodied carbon in buildings (at 0:00).
Elise Strobach, from the Device Research Lab at MIT, discussing AeroShield, a super-insulating nano-glass material for use in energy efficient windows (at 13:30).
John Klein, founder of John Klein Design and a Research Scientist at MIT, presenting on Mass Timber at (at 24:00).
Rob Conboy, CEO of Glavel, discussing how they turn recycle glass into a cost-effective alternative to sub-slab foam insulation (at 37:30).

A Builder’s Approach to Passive House

Recorded at our November member meeting, this presentation features Steve DeMetrick discussing A Builder's Approach to Residential High-Performance and Passive House Construction. Steve is a Certified Passive House Builder and built the first PHIUS Certified Passive House in Rhode Island. He also an occasional contributor to the Journal of Light Construction and Fine Homebuilding as well as a former board member of PHMA. Find at more at DeMetrick Housewrights.

Passive House Affordable Design Workshop

This recorded session from Tim McDonald and David Salamon provides cost-effective strategies and a practical guide for affordable multi-family Passive House projects based on their experience leading the way on these types of buildings in Pennsylvania.

This video is available on the Mass Save Passive House Online Learning Center.

Passive House Training Tool

This new training tool was developed primarily for multi-family projects but may be helpful for other Passive House building types. The goal of the tool is to empower each project team to develop their own in-house trainings specific to their project and provide them with the resources to effectively deliver that training to tradespeople who may have never done a Passive House project previously.

Link to Training Tool

An Introduction to MultiFamily Passive House

This one-hour webinar provides an overview of Passive House principles and how they relate to multifamily buildings. This presentation is designed for all members of the project team - general contractor, tradespeople and design team. We will review what's required for Passive House certification, characteristics of Passive House projects, recent multifamily examples from New England, and lessons learned from other project teams.

Multi-Family Passive House: Bringing Passive House to Scale

On May 13th, 2019, PHMA sponsored a discussion on the PHIUS standard and multi-family Passive House development with Katrin Klingenberg, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Passive House Institute US (PHIUS). The presentation covered a variety topics including Passive House within the larger context of Net Zero and Net Positive building, compatibility of the PHIUS Standard with multi-family building types, and review of PH principles.