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Business Membership Program

Business Membership Program

As a non-profit organization, PHMass relies on membership support to put on events like our monthly meetings, annual symposium, training sessions, and building tours, as well as fund our advocacy work supporting the growth and adoption of Passive House throughout the state and region. 

Professional Development Benefits: 

  • Monthly meetings and trainings featuring industry experts – in person and virtually
  • Opportunity to host Passive House training sessions at your offices and/or virtually
  • Complimentary Individual Memberships for a certain number of employees 
  • Opportunity for Individual Members to join PHMass sub-committees 
  • Discounted tickets to our annual Symposium

Marketing Benefits: 

  • Logo and website link on PHMass newsletters and PHMass website
  • Logo displayed at PHMass meetings and events
  • Business Listing in the PHMass Professional Directory
  • Ability to post to PHMass job board – in monthly newsletter and on website
  • Ability to display the PHMass Member logo on your company’s website

Membership levels are based on # of employees  

    • Over the last few years, we’ve worked extensively with the DOER to push both the Stretch Code update and the Specialized Opt-In Stretch Code as far as possible toward Passive House, net zero, and full electrification. The final version of the Op-In Code now requires all multi-family buildings over 12,000 GSF to be Passive House certified and suggests Passive House as a pre-approved alternative pathway for all other projects. This is a first in the nation accomplishment.
    • This year, our primary focus has been on assisting municipalities to prepare for the new codes. We’ve provided presentations, trainings, fact sheets, and other resources to many towns and cities across the Commonwealth, helping over a dozen of them opt-in to the new code. When Boston announced their commitment to opting-in, Mayor Wu directly thanked PHMass in her press conference for our work in getting these new codes passed. 
    • We have also been working to increase the trainings offered to contractors and builders on implementing these new codes, including partnering with the Studio for High-Performance Design & Construction on a series of hands-on, in-person, carpenter programs. This coming year, we are looking to expand these trainings and work with additional partners. 
    • We’ve also continued our partnership with Mass Save Passive House & All-Electric Homes Training Program, which has now provided over 85 Lunch & Learns and Workshops, many of which have recordings available in our Online Video Library for on-demand viewing.
    • Beyond training, we’ve continued to support and advocate for the Mass Save Passive House Incentive Program and have seen it reach over 11,000 registered units of multifamily housing across the state. The program provides up-to $3000 per unit for certified projects as well as additional funding for feasibility studies and energy modeling costs.