Boston Globe Highlights Auburndale Builders and StudioHPDC

The Boston Globe recently highlight Nick Falkoff’s work at Auburndale Builders and the Studio for High-Performance Design & Construction (StudioHPDC).  The video features Nick discussing the need for more carpenter and tradesperson training – and how StudioHPDC is filling that gap. For more information on the Studio’s new High-Performance Building for Carpenters course, go here:

The Boston Globe, By Janelle Nanos Globe Staff. Full article published here:

Nick Falkoff believes that climate activists can come in many forms. As the general manager of Auburndale Builders, he’s helping construct a path forward for tradespeople to learn the skills they’ll need to build the homes of tomorrow. Most people don’t realize the role that construction plays in climate change. But by some estimates, buildings account for 40 percent of all energy related carbon emissions globally, when factoring in the carbon released in the creation of buildings and the lighting, heating, and cooling of them once they’re completed. That’s why Falkoff is among the region’s leaders in pushing for high performance techniques in homebuilding, and why he’s creating educational opportunities for people to learn how construct buildings in ways that are better for the planet.