Location: Cambridge, NY
Size: 2112 sq ft
Completed: 2015
Architect / Designer: Larry Burks
CPHC: Paul Panish, DEAP Energy Group
Builder: Warren Coolidge
Photographer: Larry Burks

Larry and Jill Burks’ home, Up Hill House in upstate NY, is an excellent example of thoughtful design, cautious use of resources, a detail oriented approach to energy efficiency, the trade-offs required for a successful project, and a commitment to sharing knowledge, experience, data and best practices in the Up Hill House Blog. Although not meeting the criteria for a Passive House, it was designed with the assistance of the Passive House Planning Package, and has demonstrated Zero Net Energy operation, winning the NESEA 2014 Zero Net Energy award.

HERS Index:
Energy Star Score:
0.46 ACH
Est. Space Heat Demand:
12,416 kBTU/yr
Total Source Energy:
55,231 kBTU/yr
Total Site Energy:
5,601 kWh/year
Hot Water Energy:
1,528 kWh/year