Location: Shrewsbury, MA
Size: 3,000 sf
Completed: 2011
Architect / Designer: Verdeco Designs
CPHC: Paul W Panish
Builder: Beaton Construction

This two-story, timber framed, single family house in Shrewsbury, MA, was finished in 2011. It features 2×6 stud walls and 14″ TJI joists, all filled with cellulose, as well as OSB for ZIP System sheathing. Mitsubishi heat pumps and a Sterling Technologies ERV provide ventilation and heating needs.

Air tightness:
n50 = 0.44/h
Annual heating demand:
13 kWh /(m2a )
Heating load:
12 W/m2
Primary energy requirement:
112 kWh /(m2a )