Location: Marblehead, MA
Size: 2200 sq ft
Completed: 2013
Architect / Designer: Molly Frey Design
CPHC: ZeroEnergy Design
Photos: Molly Frey

The Nanepashemet Residence exemplifies understated design paired with exceptional energy efficiency.  Project goals included Passive House level energy performance, healthy indoor air quality for the family, and implementation without sacrificing the soft elegant contemporary aesthetic. The solution combines a high performance building enclosure, very high efficiency mechanical systems, and aesthetically sensitive construction details. The designer’s subdued aesthetic is complemented by the barely noticeable implementation of a high performance building envelope and systems – in alignment with the Passive House standard.

Heating Energy:
5.51 kBTU/(ft2yr)
Cooling Energy:
1.45 kBTU/(ft2yr)
Total Energy:
32.4 kBTU/(ft2yr)
Energy Use Intensity: