Location: Hollis, NH
Size: 10,000 sq ft
Completed: 2012
Architect / Designer: Windy Hill Associates
CPHC: ZeroEnergy Design
Photos: Eric Roth
General Contractor: TMD Construction Services

As the first Certified Passive House Elementary School in the US, the Hollis Montessori School exemplifies the future of low carbon, net zero energy ready institutional buildings. The project successfully balances multiple goals, including education, Montessori principles (such as independence, freedom, and respect), and the institutional goals of healthy indoor air, durability/longevity, cost effectiveness, and exceptional energy performance. The solution for the school was a high performance building enclosure, very high efficiency systems, design to maximize daylighting, orientation for passive solar gain, and adherence to the Passive House Standard.

Heating Energy:
2.93 kBTU/(ft2yr)
Cooling Energy:
0.10 kBTU/(ft2yr)
Total Energy:
20.2 kBTU/(ft2yr)
Energy Use Intensity: